Fume Cupboard Alarms

Refurb Fume Alarms
Fume Cupboard Alarms and Variable Air Volume (VAV) Control Systems

Holiday Fielding Hocking manufacture a range of fume cupboard monitoring/alarm systems which in conjunction with a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system can give complete control over your laboratory environment.The alarms themselves can either be fitted to a new fume cupboard prior to delivery or retrospectively fitted to an existing installation.The main features include:

  • Airflow fail or low airflow alarm which can be calibrated to any given set point.
  • Clear airflow indication.
  • Sash high alarm.
  • Fan stop/start control.
  • 0-10 Volt outputs for connection to BMS systems.
  • Additional outputs for operation of motorised dampers where VAV systems are incorporated.

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