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March 25, 2020

Holliday Technical Services Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 Statement

As we provide a vital service to the many laboratories in the UK, who at the moment are working at unprecedented levels due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Management at HTS with the ongoing support of our engineers will continue to work with you tirelessly through this crisis to help keep your equipment up and running and working safely. This applies to any of our public or private sector clients, or indeed any new client that may need our services moving forward.

If you find that you need any additional technical support during this time, Mike Holliday, with his wealth of knowledge and years of experience within the fume cupboard and locally exhaust ventilated equipment industry, will be happy to talk through any equipment issues you may have and give you as much guidance and support as he can.  It is more important now than ever, that you are working in a safe environment and that equipment down time is limited wherever possible.  

Mike can be reached on 0113 245 4111 or a request for support can be made via our sister companies website

The health and safety of our staff and their family is paramount, therefore if you need an engineer to attend site, strict social distancing must be observed. Our administration staff are at present all working from home, continuing to give you the best possible service that we can. We hope you and your families stay safe and well during the days ahead.

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Holliday Fielding Hocking Ltd are Members of The Parliamentary Review

Holliday Fielding Hocking Limited are proud to be members of The Parliamentary Review. Members represent all parts of the country with backgrounds in all areas of the British economy. What binds us together more than anything else are our shared values and principles, that we uphold at all times. Visit to read more…

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HFH Features as a Best Practice Representative 2018 – Parliamentary Review
Founded in the 1940s, Holliday Fielding Hocking is a West Yorkshire-based provider of an extensive range of laboratory fume cupboards, extraction equipment and laboratory furniture. Their equipment and the complementary services provided by their sister company, Holliday Technical Services, are widely used by many forms of business within the UK, including those within education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, research, chemical, food science and general industry, where varying degrees of local exhaust ventilation equipment (LEV) are required.
What are fume cupboards?
Fume cupboards, also known as laboratory chemical hoods, fume hoods, fume cabinets or film filtration cabinets, are pieces of scientific equipment, commonly used within biological, chemical and medical laboratories, that serve to control exposure to toxic, offensive or flammable vapours, gases and aerosols. Fume cupboards were invented over 100 years ago and, over the years, there have been many
refinements to the original Victorian design – but, despite refinements, the basic concept remains the same today. A fume cupboard in its simplest form is a cabinet with a moveable front sash made of safety glass. Fume cupboards were originally made from wood, but the most common material used today is epoxy-coated steel.
How do fume cupboards work?
Although there are many forms of fume cupboard, the basic principle is that a fume cupboard confines then expels hazardous airborne material. This is achieved by diluting the material with a large volume of air that is drawn into or passes through the fume cupboard. This diluted air is then exhausted and/or filtered and then expelled through vents in the unit or expelled outside the building, usually via vents on the roof. Proper use of the fume cupboard sash can also serve to shield workers from uncontrolled reactions.

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Finance Facilities Now Available

Our sister company Holliday Fielding Hocking Ltd are proud to announce our association with one of the UK’s most respected asset finance companies. We are now able to offer finance facilities for the purchase of new, used and refurbished fume cupboards. Let us help you preserve your valuable working capital and still purchase the equipment your business needs.

Call us on 0113 245 4111 for more information.

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BSI Member

Because Holliday Technical Services are committed to the highest standards we are now a subscribing member of the BSI this will enable us to provide our customers with up to date information regarding standards and legislation.

Click here to view our certificate.

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We Now Accept Credit Cards

For customer convenience we now accept credit card payments for all services and parts please contact the office

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We provide an extensive

We provide an extensive range of  (coming soon)

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